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About Broken Links Finder

A broken links finder is a tool that helps identify broken or dead links on a website. A broken link is a hyperlink that no longer points to a valid URL, and can result in a "404 not found" error when a user clicks on it.

Broken links can impact the user experience on a website, as well as the search engine optimization (SEO) of the site. Broken links can also negatively affect the credibility of a website, and can lead to users leaving the site and potentially not returning.

Broken links finders can be used to scan a website and identify any broken links. Some common features of broken links finders include:

  1. Link checking: the ability to scan a website and identify all of the links on the site, including internal and external links.

  2. Error reporting: the ability to identify and report on any broken links that are found.

  3. Automatic checking: the ability to periodically scan a website and automatically check for any broken links that have appeared since the last scan.

There are a variety of broken links finders available, both as standalone tools and as features within other website management and SEO tools.