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A color picker is a tool used in graphic design and web development to select and define colors. A color picker typically provides a visual interface for selecting colors, such as a color wheel, slider, or gradient, and allows you to choose colors based on hue, saturation, and brightness, or by entering RGB or hexadecimal values.

Color pickers are commonly used when designing websites, creating graphics, or selecting colors for print materials. They can also be used to ensure color consistency across a project, or to match a specific color to a brand or color palette.

Most color pickers allow you to preview the color before you apply it, and many offer a range of color schemes and palettes to help you find the perfect color. Some color pickers also offer advanced features, such as the ability to adjust colors based on accessibility standards, or to save and reuse custom color palettes.

Whether you're a professional designer or a beginner, a color picker can be an essential tool for selecting and defining colors in your projects.