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About URL Encoder / Decoder

URL encoding and decoding are processes that convert a string of text into a URL-friendly format and vice versa.

A URL encoder takes a string of text and replaces certain characters, such as spaces and special characters, with a percent symbol followed by a two-digit hexadecimal representation of the character's ASCII code. This encoding allows the string to be safely transmitted as part of a URL, as most characters used in URLs have a specific meaning and could cause issues if not properly encoded.

A URL decoder is the opposite of an encoder and converts an encoded URL back into its original form. This is useful when a URL has been encoded, but you need to access the original text for some reason, such as debugging or displaying the text to a user.

Both URL encoders and decoders can be found online as standalone tools or as part of a larger suite of SEO or web development tools. They are commonly used by web developers and SEO professionals to ensure that URLs are properly formatted and easily readable.